Thursday, June 2, 2011

-I thought you said it was an electrical fire? -Yeah that's what I said totally electrical

Yesterday a slew of strong storms swept across the state. Alliteration aside, by the time they made their way into Boston it was late and the dark had long ago banished the sun westward. Needless to say, it was the perfect theater for a lightning show, and boy did we get one. I was able to snap a couple pics that came out OK, which is pretty excellent considering that I just guessed at a low aperture and controlled my shutter speed manually (which I think might be the best bet for lightning photography). Hope you like some of them, my camera was dead during the first half of the extravaganza so I missed a ton of good ones (a likely story I know, but it's true!)

It got me to thinking though, that being a lightning photographer is on par in the photo world to being a meteorologist in the science world. The most imperfect and random skill in a field that requires precision and accuracy. I need to find a job like that. Meteorologists can be wrong 8 times out of 10, but if they get that one Nor'easter correct, people forgive all those other 'Tornado Warning' blunders from the season before. Same goes for lightning photography. A photographer can sit there for hours holding the button down to extend his shutter just right and maybe catch a bolt in that 30 second window (that's literally what you have to do) and if he catches it, BOOM, magazine cover. Nevermind the miles of film he wasted beforehand, THIS guy is a creative genius with an amazing lightning photo! Yeah sign me up for that gig. I need something where I can be wrong over half the time and not get chastized for it, and then when I finally do get it right, I get hoisted up like I made the game-winning shot. Haha imagine if that's how if worked in print journalism...a journalist can dream right?

Anyways, enough ranting for one day. I've been holding stuff off because I like to move sequentially, but it's taking its toll on this blog. My trip to Jackson Hole circa early March is holding me up big time. Hopefully that will be done soon along with some last licks from Utah and some East Coast adventures to the mountains, NYC and beyond. Wish me luck, and keep reading...once in a while at least.

Tchau (That's my extensive brazilian portuguese at work).

Kinda feeling this angle

rain on the lens but check out the streaks!

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