Monday, November 28, 2011


Quick! I don't know how long I'll have access so...ITS MONDAY and I've had this cover burning a hole in my pocket. SHIZAM! Check out his dope cover of the Dream's "Walking on the Moon" by the uber-talented Bad Rabbits clan. This vid also features an amazing Boston rapper by the name of Moe Pope. Jump on the Moe Pope train, it'll be worth it, mark my words beezys. Be easy Bostonia...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


So I don't know why, but my email has been blocking me from accessing the Blogger account for a couple of weeks now. A lot has happened in that little span, but worry not, I'm still alive and kickin it old school. Can't nobody break my stride, remember that Gmail.

Exhausted right now, but I figure I'll throw this guys at ya to hold you over. A song by M83 that's really, really grown on me. I heard it on Hypemachine about a month ago, but it's been blowing up and I just saw it on "How to Make it in America" and that sealed the deal. Dope ending scene with a perfect musical accompaniment. Enjoy beezys, eazy duz it...