Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorialday Cover

Happy Memorial Day keeds! Another one of those tricky Mondays, but I won't be fooled! Today is a beautiful summery day in CT, but I hear my friends over in Utah are still slaying powder after Snowbird received over a foot of fresh snow last night! Wow. In other news, my cousin Samantha of the same age, was engaged yesterday to her longtime boyfriend Jeff. Un-be-liev-able! Seems like yesterday that she was convincing me that different colors of paper had different flavors (ie black = chocolate, red = strawberry, etc.) One National Geographic mag later, I was a little sicker, but a little wiser, man time flies!

In the cover world, I saw this the other day and couldn't resist. I really try and steer clear of the acoustic "Youtube-y" covers (I feel like that's cheating, too easy), but I really couldn't deny this one. Even though it's technically a Drake song it serves more as a Lil Wayne welcome back song and it has been blowing up the local hip-hop stations recently. "I get paper" has this obnoxious but unforgettable hook that seems, at least at first, to be unimitatable. Welp, it turns out a Katy Perry look-a-like begs to differ, she even kills the Busta part! Unreal. I urge, no I implore you, to take a look at this week's cover of "I get paper" by Karmin. AMERICA!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

rainy day play

Mother nature's onslaught continues on the Beast Coast as each day of rain seamlessly blends with another. Somehow I was still able to figure out it was Monday, maybe it was on my post-rapture day countdown or something. For those of you chosen people who got plucked up this weekend, please don't call me collect, I can't afford those charges at the moment, sorry guys just the way it is.

As for the day's cover, I actually used some investigative journalism skills to dig this up from a music blog that has some great tunes. This one has a particular rainy day feel to it beat-wise yet was originally an uplifting song which maybe, hopefully may signal an end to this dreary weather! Covering Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrel's "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" here is the Knocks featuring Julia. Enjoy kiddos.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Sorry I've been so vacant lately, it's been hectic getting my feet back on the ground. I still haven't unpacked from my Utah stay and made a quick trip back to see my fam in CT this past weekend. Luckily I grabbed a cheap Fung-Wah bus ticket at the last second on Friday and got off at a rest station in CT before having to ride all the way down to New York, great deal!

After that fiasco I was able to celebrate my dad's bday, my sister Kori's homecoming from her first year of college and my youngest sister Kalia's confirmation all in one weekend. Interspersed were some great reunions with friends and family after nearly 5 months away! I got to watch my youngest sister carry on some of our athletic genes with 3 goals in her soccer games and an FCIAC-qualifying 400m time in track, too cool! I wish all weekends could be as productive as the last.

Alas, there's a short update, forgive my negligence towards the blog, it'll get better before it gets worse!

Tchau amigos.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ondaymay Overscay

Yeah, yeah, I know. Well it's still Monday in Utah, so we'll go with that. Fugees, Bob Marley, nuf said, DEAL?!

Enjoy beezys..

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mon-day Co-ver

Back in Bostonia, and after a whirlwind weekend of reconnecting with my friends, my apartment and my city, my feet are back on the ground. Just in time, you might say, for Monday Covers.

Today's cover features the Wallflowers, a 90s band that really could have been on Third Eye Blind's level if they had played their cards right. Definitely a good band, I think they do a more than alright job with David Bowie's "Heroes". Pretty sure this cover was in "Almost Famous" too, correct me if I'm wrong.

Anywho for some today is bon voyage as they embark on some awesome adventures overseas, safe travels and miss ya already. B EZ Bostonia...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In the Denver airport, makin' my trek home. Seemed like an appropriate flying song, and I'm heading back to Guru's just works.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Utah's Final Monday Cover

Today is my last cover from Utah, it is also the birthday of my baby sister Kalia, who turns 15 today. 15?! Where has the time gone, I can't believe it. She's turned into quite a cool chick but it's definitely scary for the older brother over here. Happy birthday Kalpal, love ya.

As for today's cover, I'm taking a little different road than usual, but a cover I deliver nonetheless. Samuel Barber's renowned "Adagio for Strings", a critically acclaimed classical piece from the 1936, was reworked by techno maestro DJ Tiesto to create a quite catchy but equally powerful cover. Music can appear in many different ways, and this cover is testament to that...enjoy beezys