Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorialday Cover

Happy Memorial Day keeds! Another one of those tricky Mondays, but I won't be fooled! Today is a beautiful summery day in CT, but I hear my friends over in Utah are still slaying powder after Snowbird received over a foot of fresh snow last night! Wow. In other news, my cousin Samantha of the same age, was engaged yesterday to her longtime boyfriend Jeff. Un-be-liev-able! Seems like yesterday that she was convincing me that different colors of paper had different flavors (ie black = chocolate, red = strawberry, etc.) One National Geographic mag later, I was a little sicker, but a little wiser, man time flies!

In the cover world, I saw this the other day and couldn't resist. I really try and steer clear of the acoustic "Youtube-y" covers (I feel like that's cheating, too easy), but I really couldn't deny this one. Even though it's technically a Drake song it serves more as a Lil Wayne welcome back song and it has been blowing up the local hip-hop stations recently. "I get paper" has this obnoxious but unforgettable hook that seems, at least at first, to be unimitatable. Welp, it turns out a Katy Perry look-a-like begs to differ, she even kills the Busta part! Unreal. I urge, no I implore you, to take a look at this week's cover of "I get paper" by Karmin. AMERICA!

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