Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday. Covers.

Last day of February, we're flyin folks! Only 4 more days until I get visitors from Boston, pretty crazy!

But until then, another day another dolla, Monday coverage for ya holla! Today's cover is pretty sweet. It's a Michael Jackson cover, something I thought would be strictly left to amateur acoustic covers on YouTube. But as it turns out Chris Cornell the lead singer of Audioslave and formely of Sound Garden, whipped out a "Billie Jean" acoustic cover at an unplugged show in Sweden, much to everyone's surprise and delight. Now via the interwebz I bring the action to you!

Chris Cornell has always had that unmistakable rasp to his sound, and it adds a whole new dimension to the MJ hit. Great cover, good hustle, enjoy errybody, SPRING BREAK 2011 NO TANLINEZ NO REGRETZZZ!! hah have fun kids...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Those smiling eyes are just a mirror for the sun..

Been taking as many pictures as I can out here in Oootah and finally had a chance to review them the other day, and every other picture I took was a sunset. It's official I'm a sucker for the sunset. Nevermind the romantic connotations that are so often associated with watching the sun go down, the sun is truly an unbelievable artist. Every night before he goes out on the town he paints the sky for us, and every time he adds his own artistic touch, giving us something new each time around. Now my pictures described out in words may sound monotonous and repetitive, but looking at the pictures you'll realize just how different they all are.

Here's some sunset pics I've taken over the past month or so out here (I have plenty more from other places, but let's keep it simple eh?). I wish blogger would upload photos in full color, but I guess you get what you get, maybe their website is "going green" and washing out all the colors, who knows.

Anyways the key to sunset shooting, I've found, is that it's not the actual sunset, it's the 20 minutes after that's the really amazing. There's a proverbial life metaphor in there somewhere I think...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This quality is even worse than I imagined, so is the commentary haha. But yea this is the weekend in a nutshell, I filmed...

Coverage, Bday style!

Let me start off by saying a very happy birthday to my mother dearest and Erica Laut, two very important ladies in my life. The first, well, you know, gave me that whole life thing, and she's a pretty awesome lady, in her 50s and still kicking butt on the mountain, on the trail and anywhere else she happens to go. The second is the first and original Northeastern University biddy in my book, I met her at orientation almost 3 years ago and the rest is history! Have had some great times with the both of them, much love and happy birthday! And happy bday to my boy gdub too, killin it like only the Father of Our Country can...

In other news...I think I'm going to start calling holidays "Silent Mondays" because they're like those silent letters that mess you up in the spelling bee, just out there to trip you up and make you look bad in front of your friends. Well, President's Day got me folks, I'm Silent Monday victim. In my defense, I wasn't resting on my laurels, I was out there slaying pow as almost two feet fell on the mountain over the weekend, but still I know I let the world down.

I may have forgotten the date but I didn't forget the cover, here's one that I can only describe as cheeky and creative. The Fray aren't necessarily my favorite musical ensemble, but this rendition of Shakira and Wyclef's "Hips Don't Lie" is pretty fun, especially the dudes in the background. Plus I definitely crush on Shakira, so its a no-brainer. Take it or leave it, here's this week's coverbizness...

Friday, February 18, 2011

The birth of a legend

The birth of a legend doesn't come along very often. Only one time can somebody say something truly unforgettable is born: Earth, toast, MC Hammer, all legendary things, and born only once. And now ladies and gentleman, is one of those times.

I give you...the GhettoPRO.

Fashioned after the popular GoPro POV cameras, the GhettoPRO was forged through desperation and pure ingenuity. Lacking the funds to purchase a GoPRO, I strapped a Flip camera to my chest and went skiing, the results, while varied, were overall successful in my book.

The GhettoPRO joins a line of McGuyver-esque cameras in my possession, including the Blind Camera (mentioned in earlier blog posts). So the GhettoPRO is definitely an experiment in process, but I thought I'd let the people of the world see its first day of work. Enjoy and hope you like snow...

Props to Ratatat for the tune, don't get too angry

For all you editing buffs, my final cut pro is acting weird, hence the completely bugged out transitions...those used to be fade outs and cross fades, so yeahh..

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Utah'da be kidding me

Hey all, been a while since I got around to update but frankly, been a while since I took a breath. The very few I've kept in contact with, including my parents can attest to the short one-word text response syndrome I've been suffering from.

Anyways, to all who feel slighted, I'm sorry, I didn't forget boutchu.

So what the heck have I been doing?
Well a couple of weeks back my cousin from Oregon, Taylor and my Uncle Dan made a visit out for cross-country skiing and I got to see them which was pretty cool. East meets West in the middle, sort of. Taylor is always awesome to have around because she will adventure anywhere and this trip was no exception as we found this amazing natural hot spring that overlooked the mountains around dusk. I snapped a couple of photos, hope they do it justice. And damn, hot springs are HOT! Ran into some naked hippies there who told me expressly to keep the place a secret, so as far as my leaking its location, well, I'm bound by the Naked Hippy Code, and that's as good as law out here.

After Taylor's visit I was swamped with writing for the X Games. I didn't get to go to the events, but I got amazing interview access and talked with a boatload of X athletes, many of whom I looked up to growing up, pretty surreal.

It got more surreal the week after as the X parade rolled through Park City for the Freestyle World Championships. I got to chill with the likes of Bobby Brown, Sammy Carlson, Simon Dumont, Sarah Burke and Alex Schlopy (you get a dollar for every name you recognize) and they were all super down to Earth. Oh Yeah, and they throw DOWN on skis. Absolutely unreal!

Writing for the event was exhausting, legitimately 8am-11pm for 6 days but most of my stories got published internationally at the FIS website, the skiing equivalent of FIFA, talk about exposure. Seriously, go ahead, talk about it. Press passes are sweet though, I found myself in VIP tents at Deer Valley eating crepes and lox while rubbing shoulders with the industry elite, a very eye-opening experience.

Less than a week after that I switched over to boardercross for the U.S. Grand Prix and national championship at the Canyons. Those guys are a lot of fun and absolutely insane for flying down those courses, but it was awesome to watch. I didn't have to write really for that event, but I got a chance to take pictures and actually snuck on the course to grab some closer shots. Got to cheese it up with Lindsey "indy grab" Jacobellis, who is actually a really nice girl. And I got two free days at the Canyons in 40+ degree weather which was sweet, the goggle tan is reallly starting to take hold.

During that same event I also started a second job as a busboy at a steakhouse. Now this doesn't sound that cool, but I'm actually super excited about it. All the other busboys speak Spanish, so I'm looking forward to really digging in and improving my dormant Spanish skills. Also I'll be able to make a little expendable income to adventure out of Park City more and try more restaurants, resorts and excursions! Always hustling, no rest for the weary!

Oh yeah, and on top of that stuff, I've been skiing. Totals up to 31 downhill days and probably 7 nordic (which will rise now that I figured out I can ski home from work!). I hope I can update in shorter doses next time, but maybe this will do for now.

Definitely missing everybody back in Boston, but taking advantage of my experience out here and looking forward to some familiar faces in the coming weeks!

I've posted some pics, hope they find you well! Ok going out to get day 32!

American mute grab at FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships

More American propaganda ski photography

Ski posse, -15 degrees Fahrenheit

Intense shadows

HA, Sharpshooter getting sniped! Finally got one back..

Nick Baumgartner, Winter X SBX gold medalist...funny dude

One of the coolest pics I've ever taken, accident, click it to get a closer view

Carnage at Canyons SBX

Lindsey Jacobellis (7 X Games Golds)

Hot Springs at Sunset

Some views get two pictures

Hot springs

I call this one "Utah Tundra at Dusk", because, yeah..that's wut it is

Monday, February 14, 2011

Loveday Covers

Going to be honest here, today I was completely stumped. Of ALL days, Valentine's day, I had plum run out of covers. But thanks to the creative genius that is Eric Dyer aka La Derr (Spanish for "the Derr") not only do I have a cover, but I have a holiday appropriate ditty.

Today's cover you have probably heard, but some may not realize its cover origins. 311's "Love Song" is actually a cover of the Cure's tune from 1989...brilliant. So for all of you in a lovey dovey mood, for one another, for chocolate, for life, here is your Monday Cover, "You make me feel like I'm home again".


ps anyone else feel like 311's singer sounds way different than usual in this song? The islandy reverb on the guitars and keyboard are the same dubstyley tho.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Because we all do it...what's your excuse? Make that change...

CARPE DIEM! Sieze the...carp..?

Doneday Covers

...I told you I was gonna be swamped. And woah woahhh, it's late on the ice coast, I almost didn't make it in time. Never fear, Monday's here, and so is your cover. I have to admit I was searching for something completely different when I found this, luck of the draw I guess. The actual music is ok, but the video makes it pretty cheeky and fun. Also I didn't realize the Gorillaz could be covered, so bravo Jack Conte. He covers the Gorillaz's "Feel Good Inc. " oh so smoothly...jam on lee...

Updates this week, I PROMISE!!