Thursday, October 28, 2010


So I'm about to head to a Steve Aoki show and I'm ready to get my head spun. I'm hoping this act is as good as everyone says.

Regardless I'm in the music mood and I can't be stopped, so here's a little jam for your cerebrals. I can't explain my taste in music really, other than "I like what sounds good". This song by Thunderheist, a Canadian DJ/MC combo, definitely falls in that category. It's like a hybrid between a Run DMC beat, an edIT beat, and Kelis on the mic, quite the random combo, but for some reason it just works. One of those songs that I really got into, maybe you'll feel the same, definitely worth checking out. The anthem of the little booty girl, somewhere Sir-Mix-A-Lot is shaking his head.

And oh yeah the video features a hipster gang battle, what's classier than that. B EZ ninjas..

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