Friday, October 1, 2010

Bus Stop Chronicles

Chilling at a Springfield, MA bus station right now, and have to say, bus stations are one of the strangest microcosms of people I've ever been a part of. I guess it's pretty similar to being in a train station or airport, but its because bus stations are so tightly contained. There are so many different people heading so many different ways here, it's a really interesting dynamic. College kids, old-school travelers, city people, country people, and enough languages to start its own U.N., definitely an experience.

I've been eavesdropping for about 40 minutes, and have picked up some pretty cool stories. I'll just share one for now.

This one guy burst out of the convenience store here, pissed that the clerk couldn't understand him when he was trying to buy lottery tickets. In the clerks defense, the guy had a pretty thick West Indian accent, but regardless the guy was getting really angry. He goes over to his friend, trying to rally him to fight this clerk. His friend, who literally hasn't moved since sitting on the bench, seems slow at first glance. However, as often first impressions are far off the mark, the guy on the bench diligently listens to his friend's rant, then calmly whips out a Forrest Gump quote. "You know man, stupid is as stupid does." basically telling the guy to calm down and that the clerk isn't dumb he just didn't understand, it happens, life goes on. BOOM, conflict averted thanks to the ragged bench sage. Funny that a guy who has clearly dealt with hardship his entire life is able to see clearly how futile some fights can be. We should all be so wise, don't ya think? Anyways kids, enjoy the weekend and above all.. B EZ.

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