Wednesday, October 27, 2010


OK Halloweiners I know you guys need help with costumes and I'm here for you. Forget Dorothy's costume shop on Mass Ave., no one is trying to wait 45 minutes on line to spend 70 bucks on a pair of rainbow suspenders.

Initiate Phase 2: Thrift Stores. Now that's kind of where I come in. I usually find myself at a thrift store for regular clothes shopping, so Halloween just seemed natural. Whether you're looking for the last piece of that Miley Cyrus costume you've been dying to show off or you need an idea all together, the thrift stores are the place to go. Here's a list and brief descriptions for the costume savvy:

Urban Renewals: This Thrift Store over near BU offers a surprisingly good selection. It looks small from the front, but extends way back into a warehouse and has some awesome and reasonably priced stuff. Not a great selection of jerseys of t-shirts, but tons of weird jackets and stuff for throwing together a costume. Also there is a huge section of old toys and sports gear that can make for some creative ideas, definitely worth a look.

The Garment District: Probably the most highly publicized thrift store I've ever been too (TV commercials, really?), this Cambridge store is hit or miss. It recently partnered up with a costume shop so there is plenty of merchandise, but the prices are kind of up there for thrift clothing. The real deal here is the Buck-a-Pound section on the first floor, which is essentially a ball pit full of clothes that everyone rummages through. As advertised the clothes are a dollar a pound, and you can buy in bulk. There's some really strange stuff in the pile, but hey you might get lucky, snagged a pretty sweet Boston Marathon jacket last time I was there. That one dollar purchase really broke the bank.

The Goodwill Store (West Roxbury): There's Goodwills all over Boston, but this one is by far the best. It's a huge store with a large selection and the best prices of anywhere I've found around the city. Add in that they literally have Halloween racks full of assorted clothes and it's easily your best bet. A 10 minute walk from International Village, this Goodwill definitely has what you're looking for.

Hope that helps a little folks, get on it.

PS when did thrifting become hipster? What if you're just cheap?

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