Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Welcome to the Experiment

So I want to introduce you to a little pet project of mine: The Blind Camera. Now the concept is easy enough, but the results have been surprising to say the least. I have this cheapo digi camera that my friend gave me at a graduation party senior year of high school. Pretty solid, easy to take around and snap a few shots, and loads easily onto the computer. Needless to say I took it everywhere and got a lot of decent photos to remember some pretty cool trips. So when the little bugger fell on move-in day last year, broke its display screen and for all purposes seemed useless, I had a hard time throwing it away. Instead I changed the batteries, turned it on and started taking pictures. The only catch was, I couldn't see any of my photos, hence the birth of the blind camera. The pictures upload to my computer still and I can empty my memory card right off of the computer, so it's fully functional.

The actual shooting however, forces me to rely on my eyes, and thus far has helped me see my photos completely differently. I shoot what's pleasing to the eye, not worrying about the "mechanics" of my shot. Some pics come out great and some are eh, but that's been the beauty of the whole deal for me. The digital age has killed the "accidental photo", because deleting pics on cameras now is easier than taking pics. By deleting pictures though, we miss some of our greatest moments. Sometimes the group of girls in the foreground isn't the most interesting part, instead its the little kid picking his nose in the back. That's what the blind camera has allowed me to do; enjoy these random moments in time. They're not the tightest photos, but they also don't seem staged and fake.

I have to upload all of my pics, it's the only way I can see them, so I get an interesting collection. It's a return to old photography, minus the hassle of developing film, the perfect crime. And for the most part I don't even have to alter my photos (minus a few saturation tinkerings). Don't get me wrong, I still love taking real photos with functioning cameras, but the blind cam is a nice departure from the norm. Not a bad look, definitely worth a try. B EZ bostonia.

(This photo uploader is on the weak side)

Gotta love Burlington, VT. Rock on Purple Message House.

Top of Burlington

4th Fyrewerks

NH Lake Summer

Northfield, MA. Broken Shutter Sunset

More Northfield, fire on the mountain

Charles River Cruisin

Don't Mess With the Hoff. US/Czech game

114 Rooftop Pimpin

Boston Summer Haze

114 Eye of the Storm

Yup. Leash kid

114 Roofin

Boston Downtown

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  1. the dude in the background of the picture with lange getting the patdown is wearing Tevas.. Just sayin'