Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rainy Day, Press Play

Looks like that cold fall rain has taken over for the week here in Boston, let the lack of motivation and laziness begin. But before you chalk this week up into the loss column, check out some new music I was introduced to this past weekend. My friends up in Burlington turned me onto this growing downtempo movement, spearheaded by a dude named Emancipator. Emancipator's music is a mix of RJD2 and Pretty Lights marinated in chill. The term downtempo is relatively self-explanatory (the opposite of uptempo), the music is a bunch of laid-back instrumentals with some occasional hip-hop samples thrown in. This is the type of music that you just throw on your headphones and suddenly feel like the entire world is moving to a beat, you know, when the wind-shield wipers move to the snare and that crazy yelling lady on the side of the street is suddenly moving her hands to the melody. So whether you're in the classroom, the library or the office throw some downtempo on relax, it's only four days til the sun comes back, Noah did it for 40 and his Walkman was broken, think about it.

For those of you who can't get into a song without lyrics, I even thought of you..

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