Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Sorry I've been so vacant lately, it's been hectic getting my feet back on the ground. I still haven't unpacked from my Utah stay and made a quick trip back to see my fam in CT this past weekend. Luckily I grabbed a cheap Fung-Wah bus ticket at the last second on Friday and got off at a rest station in CT before having to ride all the way down to New York, great deal!

After that fiasco I was able to celebrate my dad's bday, my sister Kori's homecoming from her first year of college and my youngest sister Kalia's confirmation all in one weekend. Interspersed were some great reunions with friends and family after nearly 5 months away! I got to watch my youngest sister carry on some of our athletic genes with 3 goals in her soccer games and an FCIAC-qualifying 400m time in track, too cool! I wish all weekends could be as productive as the last.

Alas, there's a short update, forgive my negligence towards the blog, it'll get better before it gets worse!

Tchau amigos.

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