Monday, March 28, 2011

March Madness Monday Covers (Alliteration aside..)

Well I was about to throw up my hands and claim Monday Cover defeat, but the great ones always find a way to persevere, and well, I persevered in a big way. What do Johnny Cash, Joe Strummer and Bob Marley have in common? Apparently they all sang "Redemption Song" as Bob Marley's original was covered in a pretty surreal cover by the Man in Black and the Clash's legendary frontman. Two icons covering another icon's greatest song? Yes please Monday Covers, yes please.

Anyways I'll keep this post short because I might have another one for you later today. Went to Jackson Hole this weekend, blew my mind, someday I'll be up to date on the vids but for now..TRUST ME. B EZ playas.

Not the first time a well-known artist has covered Mr. Marley, remember this little ditty by a Sr. Eric Clapton?

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