Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Funday Couvairs

Jeeesh it's Monday again already! Time is flying, even though this week had so much going on. Greenwich Mean Time tried to pull a fast one on me and moved the clocks forward (apparently they do this every year?) and I didn't even notice because all of the electronics I rely on switched automatically. Wondering why I was so tired, it was the radio that finally informed me of Daylight Savings, good to know haha.

My little cousin Nick turned 7 this week, what?!? I feel like it was maybe a year ago that I went and saw him at the hospital on my way home from skiing on spring break. Amazing, and I hear he celebrated with his ski buddies, too cool.

On a sadder note, what a week for Japan, scary, scary stuff. You know it's devestating when you can get a pit in your stomach from behind a computer screen thousands of miles away. My mind and heart are with them as they endure the tough coming weeks and perhaps months.

With all of that going on my own personal goings-on seem kind of miniscule. Been working my two jobs non-stop for the past week since the AFTRBNGRZ departure. I have had an awesome time with my two roommates, it's really cool when we're all around, feel pretty blessed to have stumbled upon them. Oh and I hit up Snowbird for the first time this weekend, hitching a ride with my neighbor of all people, a 36-year old from Nantucket. Age is so relative out here it's awesome! I better be that energetic when I'm that age, I'm planning on it at least. Hopefully I'll finish some video updates this week, but with European X games coverage on my plate and with March Madness going on, no promises!

Oh yeah, and I have a cover. This is a throwback cover from freshman year, but still a great one. I know I've been doing a lot of acoustic covers lately, but sometimes you just have to follow the course and see where it takes you. This week it takes us to a cover of Rihanna's "Umbrella" by Boyce Avenue. Hope it finds you well, enjoy!

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