Monday, March 21, 2011

Thugday Covers

A little cloud hangs over our Monday today, as someone that I really enjoyed passed on last week. Nate Dogg was one artist that was super unique in my eyes and with his passing at 41, I feel the gap he left in the hip-hop world will be a hard one to close. I actually wrote about Nate in a less serious light on a music blog I've tinkered with recently, check it out. Regardless I felt it fitting to not only pour out a 40 to the OG but to dedicate a cover to him as well. This cover of his and Warren G's "Regulators" is actually pretty awesome and proves once and for all that thugs come in all shapes and colors. Hope you enjoy this untitled cover while remembering a hip-hop legend. B EZ

More updates from my travels coming soon this week, I promise.

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