Thursday, February 24, 2011

Those smiling eyes are just a mirror for the sun..

Been taking as many pictures as I can out here in Oootah and finally had a chance to review them the other day, and every other picture I took was a sunset. It's official I'm a sucker for the sunset. Nevermind the romantic connotations that are so often associated with watching the sun go down, the sun is truly an unbelievable artist. Every night before he goes out on the town he paints the sky for us, and every time he adds his own artistic touch, giving us something new each time around. Now my pictures described out in words may sound monotonous and repetitive, but looking at the pictures you'll realize just how different they all are.

Here's some sunset pics I've taken over the past month or so out here (I have plenty more from other places, but let's keep it simple eh?). I wish blogger would upload photos in full color, but I guess you get what you get, maybe their website is "going green" and washing out all the colors, who knows.

Anyways the key to sunset shooting, I've found, is that it's not the actual sunset, it's the 20 minutes after that's the really amazing. There's a proverbial life metaphor in there somewhere I think...

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