Friday, February 18, 2011

The birth of a legend

The birth of a legend doesn't come along very often. Only one time can somebody say something truly unforgettable is born: Earth, toast, MC Hammer, all legendary things, and born only once. And now ladies and gentleman, is one of those times.

I give you...the GhettoPRO.

Fashioned after the popular GoPro POV cameras, the GhettoPRO was forged through desperation and pure ingenuity. Lacking the funds to purchase a GoPRO, I strapped a Flip camera to my chest and went skiing, the results, while varied, were overall successful in my book.

The GhettoPRO joins a line of McGuyver-esque cameras in my possession, including the Blind Camera (mentioned in earlier blog posts). So the GhettoPRO is definitely an experiment in process, but I thought I'd let the people of the world see its first day of work. Enjoy and hope you like snow...

Props to Ratatat for the tune, don't get too angry

For all you editing buffs, my final cut pro is acting weird, hence the completely bugged out transitions...those used to be fade outs and cross fades, so yeahh..

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  1. This is Fantastic Kade!!! Love it! Wow...looks like life in Utah is treating you well! Thank you for sharing this blog with me. I will follow religiously. ((the boys will love this video!!))
    And....nice flashback there on 2/14! You're playin' my music. Sophomore year at The CURE.