Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Coverage, Bday style!

Let me start off by saying a very happy birthday to my mother dearest and Erica Laut, two very important ladies in my life. The first, well, you know, gave me that whole life thing, and she's a pretty awesome lady, in her 50s and still kicking butt on the mountain, on the trail and anywhere else she happens to go. The second is the first and original Northeastern University biddy in my book, I met her at orientation almost 3 years ago and the rest is history! Have had some great times with the both of them, much love and happy birthday! And happy bday to my boy gdub too, killin it like only the Father of Our Country can...

In other news...I think I'm going to start calling holidays "Silent Mondays" because they're like those silent letters that mess you up in the spelling bee, just out there to trip you up and make you look bad in front of your friends. Well, President's Day got me folks, I'm Silent Monday victim. In my defense, I wasn't resting on my laurels, I was out there slaying pow as almost two feet fell on the mountain over the weekend, but still I know I let the world down.

I may have forgotten the date but I didn't forget the cover, here's one that I can only describe as cheeky and creative. The Fray aren't necessarily my favorite musical ensemble, but this rendition of Shakira and Wyclef's "Hips Don't Lie" is pretty fun, especially the dudes in the background. Plus I definitely crush on Shakira, so its a no-brainer. Take it or leave it, here's this week's coverbizness...

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