Monday, February 14, 2011

Loveday Covers

Going to be honest here, today I was completely stumped. Of ALL days, Valentine's day, I had plum run out of covers. But thanks to the creative genius that is Eric Dyer aka La Derr (Spanish for "the Derr") not only do I have a cover, but I have a holiday appropriate ditty.

Today's cover you have probably heard, but some may not realize its cover origins. 311's "Love Song" is actually a cover of the Cure's tune from 1989...brilliant. So for all of you in a lovey dovey mood, for one another, for chocolate, for life, here is your Monday Cover, "You make me feel like I'm home again".


ps anyone else feel like 311's singer sounds way different than usual in this song? The islandy reverb on the guitars and keyboard are the same dubstyley tho.

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