Wednesday, January 12, 2011

*Updated Upgraded*

Well my feet are finally on the ground here in Utah. I've started work at the US Ski Team and have a pretty busy schedule. They let me use the US training facility at lunchtime which is a huuuge perk, unbelievable setup in there. As far as everything else, I've been scrambling to fix my homeless situation, and I found a great place! I'm super excited to move in with some new people and I'm really close to town. Oh yeah and I wake up every morning and look out over Park City Resort and the Wasatch Mountains, no big. I'm getting my pass to Park City tomorrow and my skis came in today, so after a week of staring at the mountains I finally get to take my best shot at em tomorrow! Glad that everything is coming together, and hopefully I'll get some picture updates for you soon. The mountains are truly amazing and the sunsets can't be beat, I'm a sucker for that stuff. So despite living an unorganized whirlwind of a life, one thing is for certain...CAN'T KNOCK THE HUSTLE! ya digg?

And to all my Boston kids..enjoy the snow!

Sundance Film Festival in a week!!!

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