Monday, January 31, 2011

Cover. Monday. Git it.

Hello day after Sunday, why must you sneak up on me so? Monday's here and here's to another week of craziness. After covering X Games (ya heard of em?) and surviving the Sundance Film Festival last week this week it's on to Freestyle World Championships right here in Park City. I'm going to be maxed out this week and likely won't be able to update much, but the covers must go on!

Today's cover is by the band Youth Group. The song "Forever Young" has been all over the airwaves recently as a backdrop to the new Jay-Z. While I'm a huge HOV fan this song just didn't do it for me, maybe the radio killed it, so I'm glad someone else revitalized it. This cover has a bit of an ethereal feel, but I'm liking it. The old school vid is a definite plus. I'm really a sucker for the retro camera look, I wish I could figure out how to replicate that washed out kind of grainy look.

I'm trying to get into using Soundcloud, but I like this vid, so maybe next week. Cheers kids, and hey Bostonia, ship some snow West will ya?

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