Monday, July 25, 2011

Shmonday Shmovers

Wow my Brasilian adventure is half over, I can't believe it. My only consolation at this point is that I still have another half to go, hoping for more of the same!

I've been to the beach more in these few weeks than my previous four summers combined, definitely a perk of my Brasil studies. My Portuguese is definitely getting better, but after a week of exponential improvement I think I may have hit a bit of a plateau. Hopefully I'll bust through that soon and continue onward and upward!

Spent a beautiful weekend on Morro do Sao Paolo (Look it up!!) and am now getting ready for school eating some fresh rolls, cheese and fried plantains.

This week's cover combines the Brasilian bossanova musical style (an upbeat acoustic-y guitar and smooth vocals) with another Brasilian love...Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson actually filmed one of his music videos in Pelhourino- one of the older neighborhoods in Salvador- and people haven't forgotten it. The King of Pop lives on in the land of samba. Today's cover is a bossanova cover of "Rock With You", one of my fav MJ tracks. Enjoy gatinhas.

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