Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bringin it back

Seems weird, but I should probably preface this with a mature content label. Heard the song a little while ago, but waited for the official video to come around before I posted, and what can I say, well worth the wait. Cee-lo caps a triumphant return to solo-dom with his blatantly titled yet incredibly catchy ditty. Remember those songs you sang along to when you were little because they sounded so good, just to learn later that you were singing about an artist's drug problem or violent episodes of his or her past? Yeah this is one of those songs, minus the lyrical confusion. You know what you're singing the whole time, yet you can't stop, it's just that addictive. Cee-lo turns a bitter love song into an upbeat singalong, further playing with our heads and confusing our senses as only the master himself can. And, oh yeah, have to appreciate the choral background and the clever little back-and-forths he has with them in the chorus, smart, edgy stuff and can't wait to hear more.

PS remember when? Seems like forever ago, Cee-lo hit us with this crazy funkadelic.

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