Tuesday, September 7, 2010


First dubstep show of my short concert career is in the books. Last night MartyParty and the Glitch Mob blew my mind and nearly caved in my chest cavity. Ridiculous sound, ridiculous bass, and a ridiculously well renovated Paradise venue. Honestly I didn't know what to expect, but this show was well worth the price tag ($20 hah). MartyParty brought some serious heavy dubstep, and the Glitch Mob killed it. You can definitely see why they represent a more consumer-friendly dubstep, sounded like a mix of Justice and Deadmau5 with some heavy dub thrown in. I kind of felt like I was in the opening club scene for the movie Blade (Note: this is the last time vampire's will be mentioned in my blog, sorry for those who anxiously awaited my Twilight reviews), with people bobbing up and down in a tranced-out mob. All in all good stuff though, nice to hit up a concert again (though my eardrums may disagree).

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