Monday, August 15, 2011

Back on Track Monday Covers

So over the next few days I'll be transferring over my Brasil blog to here, hopefully it'll give you a better peek into what i've been up to the past month-ish, sorry for the delay on that. In that same spirit and in the spirit of Monday Covers, I thought I'd upload a random little video of some covers in action. Brasil had covers everywhere. Almost every band I saw down there would throw in a Bob Marley or MJ. So anyways a couple of times I had my Flip cam on me and decided it'd be fun to record some covers "in the wild". Here's a mundane attempt at "Walking on Sunshine" that I the Salvador 3am, haha.

For those aching for a little more, let me start of with a PARENTAL ADVISORY. If you're still here, I've got a little Theophilus London cover of Tweet's "Oops..Oh My" (don't pretend like you don't remember this one). Definitely digging the song, the video kind of comes out of left field though. I guess it was some artistic venture Lindsay Lohan took before heading to jail? I'm really confused. Either way, the song is chill, the is what it is. Aight playas, headin back to CT today, B EZ killllas.

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