Friday, March 16, 2012


DAHHH this is what the world has been missing out on for the past few....days, months, years? Santigold how we've missed you! Here's her new track "Disparate Youth" with an album slated for late May release. Pretty excited to hear it. This beat is just on another level, hope this brings some light to your day.

On the topic of light, we've finally emerged from the Back Bay Boston Blackout 2012, unscathed and all the tougher for the wear (a series of fires knocked out a couple transformers and Boston Fire Department shut down a huge grid, leaving us in the dark for a couple). Can't believe how tough two days of power in the city was, the rugged side of me is incredibly embarrassed, but it was tough! Anywho, this song is fire, enjoy beezys.

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