Monday, September 26, 2011

The Year of Coverage

Monday rolls around, and what do you know.. it's been one full year of covers. 52 in fact, pretty cool. Thanks to everyone that's checked in on this periodically to see what I've been up to, and I hope you gained a little out of it.

I'd love to keep this experiment going a little longer at least. I still have a lot to write down, and I'm sorry about the slacking but it will get done. Sometimes I have a tough time saying stuff, but for whatever reason writing it not only comes easy, it's incredibly therapeutic. So, in that vein, thanks again guys and gals for reading, it means a lot, your awesome.

In other news today's cover extends to the Chris Isaak song "Wicked Game". Washed Out takes a stab at it and the product is very similar to their namesake, basically a washed out version of the original. But in a good way. Like "I washed out a stain from my favorite t-shirt" -kinda good. Enjoy beezys..

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