Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So after much delay and procrastination, I've decided to give the blog a try. The specific angle or theme to this little guy has yet to be determined, but for now I'm just going to write and post what I feel. I'll call on an extended metaphor to explain. This page is my puzzle. I create the pieces, and decide where they go. The final shape of the puzzle is not set in stone and I'm not even sure if there will ever be a set shape, but I'm going to keep playing pieces until I like what I see. The best part is that you guys can like or dislike some of these pieces, and in that, can start creating your own puzzle, figuring out if somehow these pieces fit into your own life. That's always been the beauty of writing for me, so I figured that putting something out there couldn't be a bad idea. At the very least maybe I could document what I'm up to for those I don't get to talk to nearly as much as I want to. Hope you find something you like, because if you don't, you just wasted your time pretending that you did.

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